Sugata Mitra’s Outdoctrination – a Critique

Indoctrination at schoolAccording to Professor Sugata Mitra, outdoctrination is what should counteract the dreaded indoctrination. It involves what Sugata Mitra calls a “minimally invasive” form of education. A school (it could be an old-fashioned maximally invasive school) sets aside some space and time for a “self-organising learning environment” (SOLE). The crucial tools in the room are PCs connected to the internet – enough PCs for the students to use them in small groups. The students are given the freedom to surf the web to pursue their educational interests. The outdoctrination then occurs when students find information and opinions or value judgments that conflict with those they have acquired during their earlier indoctrination. Inevitably doubts emerge about the truth of what they had previously been led to believe, and so the liberating process of outdoctrination begins.


Note: We are moving all our material about Sugata Mitra, Sir Ken Robinson and the edtech digital revolution to our newer website dedicated solely to that topic. To visit the site and continue reading this post, click the link below.

Sugata Mitra, indoctrination and outdoctrination

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