Sugata Mitra

Here are links to posts taking a critical look at the popular (but strikingly shallow) ideas of Professor Sugata Mitra (famous for his hole in the wall project). In a nutshell, our view is that Sugata Mitra is to education what the Trojan Horse was to the people of Troy. In a world that needs innovative and independently-minded schooling more than ever, Sugata Mitra is arguing that it would be better to scrap schools and let children learn online at their own pace and in their own way. This can be spun to sound radical, but, in practise, it is surely the best possible way to get the children of poor families (HiWEL was only intended for the poor) to bow unquestioningly to the powers that be.

For a punchy intro to our critique to Sugata’s incredibly unphilosophical philosophy of education see our post elsewhere on Sugata Mitra and the Enemies Within.

Here are the posts with longer, less punchy and more ponderous criticisms of the whacky ideas of the Slumdog Pedagogue (no insensitivity to slum-dwellers intended – on the contrary, we want a world without slums, and we think that such a world is more likely to come into being if, instead of offering a few children holes in the walls of the slum through which they can escape, we support those adults in the slums who might be organising a form of education that could challenge a social order that continues to tolerate the slums:

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